Shipping Terms


Through Transport Document (TTD)

  The TTD is  a contract of carriage involving more than one Carrier. The Carrier who issues the TTD acts as a principal only during the carriage on his own vessel(s) and as an agent only at all other times. Therefore the liabilities and responsibilities are spread over several Carriers and the Merchant is in contract with different Carriers under different (and probably unknown) conditions at different stages of carriage.

      Many so called CTDs/MTDs are in fact, by The above definitions, TTDs, so the fact a Bill of Lading bears the wording " Combined Transport Document / Bill of Lading" is no guarantee that it is so. Only examination of its terms and conditions will reveal it in its true colours.

SOURCE: The Merchants Guide (P&O Nedlloyd)
Shipping Instruction

     Shipping Instruction (S/I), so-called Shipping Particulars, Shipping Order, Booking Note  and Shipping Note, is an important document which shippers need to fill and submit to  ship's agent after the booking freight space for outbound cargo. The document must be  submitted as fast as possible to check the correctness of the document with the  instruction.

     Document containing the terms and conditions of a contract between a shipper and a shipping line for the carriage of goods on a particular vessel between specified ports or places. The S/I is an evidence to issue B/L, hence, shippers need to filled details carefully  to avoid any mistakes in transportation terms.